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LaBell Exchange - Providing Riverside with Award-Winning Phone Answering Services

LaBell Exchange is an award-winning phone answering company that boasts a highly trained team of courteous and professional operators that utilize the most cutting edge call center technology. In business for almost forty years, our customers have ranged from multinational companies to single-person startups. We're highly regarded throughout Southern California for our exceptional customer service, prompt response times, and accuracy. We're open 24 hours a day, and are available to take calls at any time or day, including weekends and holidays. We provide Riverside businesses with a wide range of live operator services, including virtual receptionist, information screening, survey/order taking, and inbound telemarketing work.

To learn how LaBell Exchange can help you, call us today. We offer competitively priced service plans for our Riverside customers, and our call center works frequently with clients in the medical/healthcare, municipal, HVAC, plumbing, bail bonds, legal/criminal defense, and service/property management industries.

Customize your telephone answering service in Riverside with any or all of the following:

Customer Service – Riverside, CA

LaBell Exchange makes it easy and cost-effective for Riverside businesses to provide dedicated customer service. Our call center consists of highly trained operators who know how to represent a wide array of industries and carefully follow each client's unique script. Their ability to provide exceptional customer service has been key to us earning ATSI's Award of Excellence seven years in a row.

Voice Mail Services – Riverside, CA

With LaBell Exchange, you'll always have access to our secure, personalized voice mail features. Depending on your message delivery preferences, our operators can place messages in your box as they receive them or in batches. Your messages can also be sent to you via fax, email, or text message.

Virtual Receptionist – Riverside, CA

Save money with our LaBell Exchange's virtual receptionist services. Our experienced phone operators can pose as your company's dedicated receptionist and be instructed to answer calls during normal business hours, after hours, or 24 hours a day; schedule appointments; deliver messages; take sales orders; forward calls; screen callers; and more for your company in Riverside, California.

Phone Surveys – Riverside, CA

At LaBell Exchange, we provide phone survey services for our Riverside clients. Our company uses only the latest call center technology to perform surveys in the medical, dental, legal, educational, and municipal fields. We can create custom scripts to use with callers, and can also disseminate information as your project requires.

Advanced Message Delivery – Riverside, CA

We provide advanced message delivery to our Riverside customers as part of our professional telephone answering services. Our trained operators can deliver your messages via text message, email, fax machine, or phone. Furthermore, we'll customize your account and incorporate additional call center features to meet the needs of your unique organization.

Order Taking/Message Taking – Riverside, CA

Our call center provides specialized message and order taking services for businesses in Riverside, California. We can create custom order forms to submit your sales orders, or the orders can be input directly into your company's website or CMS (content management system). Clients have the option to have orders submitted instantaneously or in batches, and we can send them directly to your fulfillment center or to any other designated location.

Dispatching – Riverside, CA

Our call center provides emergency and after hours dispatching services for businesses and organizations in Riverside, California. We regularly dispatch tow companies, plumbers, roadside assistance, locksmiths, roofers, HVAC technicians, electricians, and taxi cabs. Our phone operators are highly regarded for their ability to act as a liaison between callers and our service-providers and can be counted on to understand each caller's needs and make sure that our clients know how to meet them.

Information Screening – Riverside, CA

Our operators have screened calls for all kinds of businesses, and know how to skillfully guide Riverside callers through detailed questionnaires to assess whether they are right for your project or should be patched through to someone on your staff.

Inbound Telemarketing – Riverside, CA

We provide inbound telemarketing as part of our call center services. Our staff has answered calls, taken orders, collected information, responded to frequently asked questions, and more. Furthermore, our inbound telemarketing service makes it easy to record and track calls as well as gather phone analytics to help you measure your Riverside project's success.

Reservation and Schedule Management – Riverside, CA

Our trained telephone operators are highly experienced in scheduling appointments and reservations for seminars, conferences, campaigns, and more. We've worked on short- and long-term scheduling projects over the last 39 years and served clients in Riverside from all kinds of fields.

Specialized Call Center Services
Virtual Receptionist & Voicemail Services for Riverside, California's Small Service Businesses

LaBell Exchange has provided professional phone answering and voicemail services to hundreds of small service businesses throughout Southern California, including in Riverside. Our clients include companies in the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, towing, automotive road services, roofing, landscaping, refrigeration, elevator service, and bail bonds industries. We can be a small service company's full-time virtual receptionist, or provide after-hours phone answering and dispatching services. Our operators can take orders or messages, answer questions, schedule appointments, transfer calls, and more. Additionally, we can set up personalized greetings, secure voicemail accounts, call recordings, and voicemail trees.

Advanced Message Delivery & Dispatching Services for Riverside's Healthcare Facilities

We're the trusted source for 24/7 call center and answering services among Riverside's healthcare community. Our company has served healthcare facilities--including hospitals, rape crisis centers, rehabilitation centers, suicide hotlines, hospices, and medical/dental offices--since 1975. We've gained a reputation throughout Southern California for our caring phone operators. In the healthcare industry, we often work with callers during distressing situations, such as immediately after the death of a loved one. Our operators are prepared to gently guide the caller, whether it's to take a message, route the call, or dispatch an ambulance or funeral home. We provide HIPAA compliant services; all of our staff sign nondisclosure agreements and are trained on how to protect patient information.

Superior Phone Answering, Information Screening, and Survey Services for Businesses in Riverside, California

LaBell Exchange serves a wide range of businesses in Riverside, California. Our clients include companies in the legal/attorney, property management, municipal, educational, bail bonds, and healthcare industries. Known throughout Southern California for our superior customer service, our 24/7 call center is here to provide for all of your phone answering needs in Riverside. Our operators have performed inbound telemarketing work after mass email campaigns; guided callers through surveys from their local municipal water district; and screened potential clients for attorneys working on class action lawsuits. We have the technology, experience, and skill to assist you on your various call center projects, and we're there to answer your phones at any time of day. Our third party translation line allows us to assist all callers throughout Riverside. We also have several bilingual phone operators (English and Spanish) on our staff.

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