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LaBell Exchange's award-winning phone operators are highly trained and experienced in taking orders and messages for our Southern California clients. We have over 40 years of industry experience and have worked with thousands of businesses throughout Southern California, including in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego. By providing a 24-hour live-operator service that is supported by the latest Content Management Center (CMC) technology from StarTel, we are capable of everything from taking simple messages to processing sales orders within an internal or remote system at all hours of the day.

When taking orders and messages, we understand that accuracy is critical. That's why our phone operators are always extremely careful when entering data and take the time to repeat it all back to the caller to verify that everything was entered correctly. Upon client request, we'll record calls for verification purposes and perform other services, such as pre-qualification screening and answering questions. Orders and messages can be entered directly into the client's preferred system or into our own internal system. When we create an order form for our clients, we can customize it to include product details, pricing, FAQs, etc. and set up fields for taking the caller's order, shipping payment information, and special requests. From there, our operators can send the order via fax, phone, email, or text message to your fulfillment center or to a company department or employee. Orders can be submitted instantaneously or in batches, all dependent on the individual client's preference.

At LaBell Exchange, we continually update our technology to ensure we're providing the latest phone answering services, and we offer flexible programming since each company's order taking system is unique. To learn more about our order and message taking services, contact us today.

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