Phone Answering Service in Long Beach

The Benefits of Using a Live Answering Service for Your Long Beach Hospice, Mortuary, or Crisis Hotline

What Long Beach Mortuaries, Hospice Centers, and Crisis Hotlines Should Look For in an Answering Service

Whether you have a funeral home, hospice facility, or crisis call center in Long Beach, it’s important to hire a reputable company that is experienced in handling calls of a sensitive nature.  Your clients rely on you to answer their calls promptly, maintain their confidentiality at all times, and help them through difficult and emotional life events with compassion. Additionally, your answering service should make it easier for you to conduct business on a daily basis with experienced and well -trained agents who can handle your calls exactly the way you want, forward messages promptly, and schedule appointments.


HIPAA-Compliance Training

As a manager of a hospice or home care company in Long Beach, you already understand the importance of adhering to HIPAA guidelines. Did you know that your virtual answering service must be held to these same standards? That means that if you plan to hire an answering service, it is important that you verify they their phone agents have been fully trained in HIPAA protocols and privacy laws and that any patient information is kept safe and secure.


Compassionate, Caring Agents Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

You’ll rest easier knowing that your assigned agents are ready to answer calls every day of the year, including evenings, holidays, and weekends. The best live answering services serving the Long Beach area train their agents to respond to inquiries using your own customized script.  They also offer essential features that increase efficiency and enhance customer service, such as call forwarding, call screening, advanced voicemail, calendar updates, and appointment scheduling.


Sensitivity Training for Handling Mortuary/Funeral Home Calls

When dealing with the loss of a loved one, your clients require a different level of care and compassion. The best mortuary/funeral home answering services provide dedicated agents who have received specialized training in dealing with the aftereffects of grief and loss. They can be trusted to maintain a sympathetic, yet professional attitude, while providing accurate information on your business services to customers.


Emergency Phone Answering Services for Crisis Hotlines in Long Beach

An experienced answering service can offer your callers immediate assistance in urgent, high-pressure situations. This requires that their live agents can demonstrate a high degree of empathy, while remaining calm and cool in the face of an emergency. When interacting with callers, they should follow your company’s established procedures, and use state-of-the-art technology to ensure accurate call logs, records, and response times.


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