Virtual Receptionist Service for Los Angeles

How to Choose the Best Answering Service Coverage for Your Los Angeles Business

While some call centers try to sell their customers a one-size-fits all service package, the best live answering services will provide Los Angeles businesses with a flexible range of phone coverage options. Before choosing an answering service company, it’s important to consider the type of the coverage that would benefit your business the most.


Around the Clock Answering Services

One of the most popular options is an around-the-clock live answering service. This program offers phone coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including evenings, holidays and weekends. Dedicated phone agents follow a customized script, ensuring the integrity of your internal business practices. This is often the program of choice for healthcare companies, tow truck companies, property managers, crisis hotlines, and mortuary businesses.


Call Coverage for Standard Business Hours

Not all Los Angeles businesses require 24/7 phone coverage, yet can benefit greatly from using a virtual receptionist during regular office hours. Your dedicated agents can act as your own in-office administrative assistant by screening calls, forwarding inquiries to the appropriate party, and delivering messages according to your preference (usually by text, email, or fax). This effectively frees up your staff to focus on more essential business operations.


After-Hours Phone Coverage

With an after hours service package, your customers will be still be able to speak with a live operator, even after your business has closed. Because most live telephone agents can be trained to follow a business’s customized script, take messages, relay messages, forward calls, schedule appointments, and more, a business can provide better customer service to its clients.

Standby Answering Services for Los Angeles Based Businesses

By choosing a standby or on-demand answering service package, you have the freedom to use your answering services only when you need them. It’s a great way to provide phone coverage during breaks and lunches, in emergency situations, and during staff meetings — or even in the case of natural disasters, man made crises, and health pandemics.


Efficient Answering Services for Overflow Calls

An overflow service package allows you to tailor your answering services according to your call volume. Calls will continue to flow through to your office until they reach a level that is more than your receptionist can handle. Once calls cross your designated threshold, only then will they transfer to your live phone agents.


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